Thursday, October 27, 2016

Another gap

         I'm a woman, I'm an immigrant, and I'm a Software Developer, who is building a career in a country, which admits publicly, there is a gap in math, and it starts as early as in kindergarten. Most important, I believe, that as early as in kindergarten we have to eliminate the gap between girls and boys in science and treat kids equally and respectfully.

        Living in America for more than 20 years, I witness a lot of things related to gender gaps based on ideas, which never worked for me. Most of ideas start with a quite memorable and to certain degree powerful statement: "Girls cannot be a good in ..." Finally, study reveals, that nothing wrong with girls, it's just a historical cultural attitude toward young woman, which starts very early, when youngsters have no clue about gaps and cracks in adult mentality, sometimes is based on untrue historical approach. Maybe because I'm Jewish, maybe because I was raised in a family, where my father and grandfathers used to say "You can do it", but I had never truly believed in gender gaps existed in some cultures and societies. Doubtless, I did not know that most of gaps start very early and it comes from adults, who should have more education, experience, and, finally, a life wisdom to offer for young generation.

        I always wanted to be equal and accepted with all my abilities. Is it easy? No. Even now, even in America, I think, any gender gap comes from actual and classical, and, most important, disproportional inequality between men and women. No matter of all social efforts we do, as society, past still holds a strong position in social actions and attitude. Moreover, some people want to secure, that in future our cultural traditions will stay the same. How often people adjust, change old rules or even create new ones for high-quality life? May I remind you, that it's not even one hundred years ago, when American Congress ratified the 19th amendment granted women the right to vote. For first hundred years, women went through a lot fighting for equal presentation on all social levels. Despite of old-fashioned traditions, we're trying to change many things, which will give us a true privilege to be equal and flexible on many levels of modern life. Is it easy? No. Maybe someone, especially outside, thinks, we're set on a smooth road supported by many marketing ideas, and our men positively backing us. Definitely, it's a wrong impression. We're brainstorming every moment to be accepted and show our skills, learning abilities for doubt ones.

        For those, who don't understand how we progress, I would like to offer a short comment I found on Huffington post: "When you Google "The Confidence Gap and The Economy," the top hit is a 1961 article about John F. Kennedy. Which is actually kind of appropriate considering the fact that the top job for women today is was then: secretary." A secretary?.. In 1961?... In America (comparing with other countries, it was quite behind)?.. For many women it was a reality, not anymore. We're quite serious about closing historical gaps and even cracks. We're moving forward, not just moving, but creating new opportunities for younger ones. Is it easy? Of course, no. Are we going to succeed? Of course, yes. Don't say, we're not good in..., give us a chance to be good in...

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