Friday, July 1, 2011


Recently Piers Morgan aired the interview with Charlize Theron, where she announced that she is 35 and SINGLE.
Last statement sparked many questions, at least, in my head. SINGLE?.. How long does she want to be single? Is she happy to be single again? What is she going to do to find a man? Does she want to be married? Who might be a next one for her? What kind of romance she wants? I think, I'm ready for a LONG and DETAILED interview.

Since I can not interview one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, I would like to present some of my thoughts. First of all, strange things happen to Hollywood celebrities. For us, who are never going to be in "most beautiful" and "most talented",
even awkward to hear about ups and downs of those who should be the happiest people on Earth.

Actually, they are NORMAL people. They can be unhappy, lonely, sick and so on. Despite of their fame and distinction, they experience the same type of feelings as we do. Money don't buy happiness and respect. It's quite interesting how they solve the problems. How long it takes for them to feel happy. I'm really interested what going to happen with Charlize...
Who is a next one?

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