Monday, July 11, 2011


Question: When are we happy?
Possible answer: We are happy when we ... (endless list of life conditions).

A new study published by Canadian researchers in a National Bureau of Economic Research confirms that
Americans are significantly HAPPIER on the weekends than during the work week. Almost all of that extra happiness can be attributed to the 1.7 hours of extra socializing people squeeze in on weekend days than on work days.

The same study shows that women are slightly more happy than men during the work week, while men report feeling happier than women over the weekends.
Moreover, workers who reported that their supervisor is more like a "partner" than a "boss" showed a much smaller happiness jump over the weekends,
suggesting that their jobs are more enjoyable. Here I would like to make a stop. I think, that's enough ideas for HEALTHY discussion.

How many of us view a boss as a partner? I'm not going to be wrong, if I say: "Just few of lucky us can say something truly friendly about boss." It's difficult, but it's possible. Being in IT industry, I had seen and probably will see many bosses. What can I say?.. I have good and bad experiences. Do I want to talk about good or bad ones? Have I learned THE lessons? Definitely, I learned a lot and would like to share 3 things:
1. A boss creates fear, a true leader confidence.
2. A boss knows all, a true leader asks questions.
3. Where there are bosses, there are crazy bosses. It's nothing new.

I wish each of you the best work-partner ever!

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