Friday, July 15, 2011


She is 100! She is granddaughter of Sholom Aleichem! And she speaks Russian! It's unbelievable.
This interview was done 10 years ago, when she celebrated 90. I can not imagine, that her Russian as good as ours, even better. She was born in Germany and spent most of her life in America, but she remembers and speaks Russian very well. It's quite interesting effect.
Living in America, usually many RECENT immigrants begin to mix Russian and English words creating a strange slang. You cannot say the same thing about those who came many-many years ago. They try to save Russian language as a GIFT. Recently Russian TV aired a mini-series about prominent Russian dynasties, which left Russia after revolution 1917. Their kids were born out of Russia and never had possibilities to exercise their Russian language as we do. Most of them learn language from parents and speak Russian enough well even in years. I was really impressed how well they speak Russian. I think, Russian is a real GIFT for all of us!

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