Thursday, June 16, 2011

She is the one and she is shiksa...

It happenned, shiksology became a science. A century ago it was not even possible, now it's quite popular. You have to agree, we live in a very different world. We worry about the future of Israel, but we face the major challenge, which hits hard Jews all over the world. Historically, for centuries Jews overcame "final solution" many times. How about this time... Is it "final solution", which slowly and silently kills future generations?

It's a good question for Jewish men. Do they want to marry Jewish women? Do they want to have Jewish family?
Are they READY? According to Rabbi R. Mermelstein (, "60% (By the way, this number was a lot higher in former Soviet Union) of American Jews marrying outside their faith of birth, and we are moving in a frightening direction." Yes, it's a harsh reality that we are moving closer and closer to a final solution. The last thing we need it's a manual how to run a final solution.

Of course, I realize, each of us has a right to read or not to read the book, and of course, each of us has an own opinion about idea of some Jewish men to marry shiksa. But, according to, some people think the book is helpful, mildly entertaining, funny and hilarious. Now, our final solution is funny. One of the reviewers wrote: "From the beginning, this book makes it clear that it will not touch upon the highly controversial issue of interfaith dating". It does not touch, it just guides how to do...

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