Wednesday, December 6, 2017


(After the event with the Lithuanian novelist Ruta Vanagaite, author of “Our People", book about Holocaust in Lithuania.)

More I live, more I want to say: "Definitely, we live in a strange world." Our time gives us a lot of opportunities to think about sometimes almost forgotten experiences. During one generation, we undertake unparalleled advances in many areas, and even in some cases our attitude towards historical events goes through unbelievable transformations.

I'm not the first or last living soul, who tries to express my thoughts about the current state of Holocaust studies. One thing, I hope, my vocal opinion will be heard by many people, who still search for accuracy of the events happened 70-80 years ago.

Just after the end of Second World War, many survivors wanted one thing is to remember names of saint helpers and atrocious Nazi collaborators. Understanding that Holocaust might be quickly forgotten or erased from history, they used to tell stories, create lists, look for different ways to write books and make movies, but none of them never hoped that only in 70-80 years, children of those, who silently went partners with Nazis, will start to find ways to bring a real history out. Survivors were first ones, deniers were second. Now the third ones: goyim, who want to know a hard to swallow truth. Who's next one?

Frankly speaking, I have never understood, why non-Jews want to stick their noses in horrifying piece of Jewish history. Moreover, when few hungry for success goyim, who abruptly became courageous and brave, tell another goyim that Holocaust happened with help of their own people, it develops an abnormal reaction. "Courageous and Brave" ones became enemies. Finally, many of fitting to a modern society people is not ready to accept the past. For decades, survivors used to talk about how locals, who had never accepted Jews as equal and expected benefits from Nazis, killed Jews by thousands. It did not create any such turbulence until goyim started to talk. Are we still a second-class citizens?

I raised the questions, and I need an answers.

In a several months, we will celebrate Israel's 70th birthday. For sure, not many people, especially "Courageous and Brave" goyim, will ask themselves: "Why do we need, if we need at all, Israel on world map?" Yes, we need not only for Jews. We need for goyim. No matter what non-Jews think or want, state of Israel carry the truth. It's exclusively important to hear the truth from the country, which presents the history in a right way.        

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